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Members' Rights and Obligations

Members of the Chamber have the right to:

  • Participate with a decisive vote in the work of general meeting (conference) of the regional chamber;
  • choose delegates for the congress of the UCCI;
  • choose and be chosen to the governing bodies of the regional chamber and the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • submit for consideration of the general meeting (conference), Council (Presidium), regional chamber, and also congress, Council and Presidium of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry propositions on issues, which are included in the sphere of activity, accordingly, of the regional chamber and the UCCI;
  • receive from the regional chamber and the UCCI assistance in solution of issues, which concern their activity;
  • use services of the regional chamber and the UCCI in a matter of priority and on preferential terms, which are defined by the governing bodies;
  • receive for free the UCCI magazine «Business Herald» and printed publications of regional chambers.

Members of the Chamber are obliged to:

  • actively assist in the implementation of statute tasks and functions of the Chamber;
  • timely pay entrance and membership fees;
  • carry out their activities by principles of respect to the partner, integrity, not allow for instances of unfair competition.

Termination of membership in the Chamber

Termination of membership at the Chamber is completed on the basis of a written statement issued to the regional CCI. 

A Chamber member, who has not paid the membership fees throughout the year, could be excluded from the list of members of the Chamber.

In case of non-fulfillment of obligations by the Chamber member, foreseen by its Statute, the decision on exclusion from the list of Chamber members is made by the Presidium of the UCCI or the governing bodies of regional CCIs with further notification of the UCCI.

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